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13 Huge Turn-Offs to Men That Women Don’t Know About


You wouldn’t want to date someone without a sense of humor, would you? Looks, clothes, strength – it’s all important, but a good sense of humor will always be more important than these superficial qualities. Humor is what sticks around forever, while looks fade away. But why humor? Well, it seems like a person with a good sense of humor knows when to tell a joke and when to act serious. They also know when to say the punchline and when to add more backstory to a joke to make it funnier. The most important part of avoiding turning positive qualities into turnoffs is knowing when to stop. Here are some of the biggest turn offs women present to men, unknowingly.

1Being too childlike

Acting like a child is cute. Pet names are cute, baby talk can sometimes be cute, and rompers seem to be all anyone talks about these past few weeks. However, there’s a time and a place for everything. If you go over the top with child-like behavior, you can quickly go from being cute to being incredibly annoying. Sometimes situations call for a serious attitude, and child-like behavior will only make the situation worse instead of neutralizing it.



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