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10 Most Popular Christmas Foods in Different Countries


During Christmas, some of the American people prefer to spend their dinner on grandma’s or auntie’s house, which probably expected to have their delicious dishes like turkey, hams, mashed potatoes, cookies, stuffing, and many more. But as expected, these foods are not the usual menu of families from different countries. Below are the 10 most popular Christmas Foods in different countries.


Popular Christmas Foods

Christmas is not complete if Germans don’t have stollen in their tables, a candied fruitcake with nuts, dried fruits, spices and sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar on top of it. Some well-known treats are weihnachtsplätzchen, assorted cookies; Lebkuchen, same to gingerbread; and embossed cookies called springerle. German main menu includes roast goose, carp, weisswurst, venison, and schäufele (preserved roast ham). Potato salad is also present as a side dish. These dishes are perfect with glühwein, hot spiced wine, and feuerzangenbowle (hot powdered wine with sugar (flaming) dissolved into it)



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