Home Entertainment 10 arts inventions you didn’t know were Australian

10 arts inventions you didn’t know were Australian


Here are ten little-known Aussie inventions that made a big difference to the arts industries.

2World’s first full-length feature film

Story of the Kelly Gang

If ever an invention changed the world, it was the feature film. The Story of the Kelly Gang was an 80-minute full-length feature film, shot in Victoria in 1906, at a time when moving pictures were ten minutes long at most. Melbourne’s John and Nevin Tait, Millard Johnson and William Gibson wrote, produced and directed the breakthrough film. One of the Kelly gang’s original coats and helmet is said to have been borrowed from the Victorian Museum and used in the film. The film toured Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Britain, grossing over £25,000. By 1911, Australia had produced 16 more feature films.


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