Home Entertainment 10 arts inventions you didn’t know were Australian

10 arts inventions you didn’t know were Australian


Here are ten little-known Aussie inventions that made a big difference to the arts industries.

1World’s earliest television

Telephane invention

In the 1880s, Ballarat inventor Henry Sutton developed a device that was to pave the way for the invention of the television. Sutton’s early version, which he dubbed the ‘telephane’, was a long, tube-shaped appliance designed to transmit images over telegraph and telephone wires. The Government Astronomer of Victoria confirmed that he witnessed the telephane, and it worked well. Sutton’s paper on the telephane was published widely in 1887 and again in 1910, but unfortunately, Sutton did not patent the device. The first TV, invented in the 1920’s by Scotsman, John Logie Bard, used Sutton’s principles of synchronised transmission and reception.



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